Abstract in English

BENSPÆND (the challenge game) is a free; web based learning game to be used for education in the building professions. Developed to create greater awareness of processes among the young people, who will be working in the building trade of the future, the game can be used in most of the courses of education in building.
In BENSPÆND, participants are responsible for converting Carlsberg’s old bottling plant ’Tap E’ into ’Dansehallerne’ – the largest Centre for Contemporary Dance in northern Europe. Playing the game they have to handle the time schedule, quality and economy of the building project as well as the many involved players and critical decisions about the design of the house.
The learning game is a result of the development initiative RENOVERING 2010, a partnership between Grundejernes Investeringsfond (The Landowners' Investment Association) and Realdania. A team of businesses and institutions related to the building and education sectors in Denmark is responsible for developing the game. The team represents a broad range of approaches to development and change within the fields of building, education, research and interactive design.